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Updated: Jul 5, 2022

For it all to begin we must start here, we must start at the very beginning. We need to start first, by looking at ourselves face to face. you vs you is where every battle, test, and trial begins. you vs you is also where your hopes, dreams, faith, and desire is/can be increased because who is your greatest enemy?


We live in a world where it is almost commonplace for us as people to set ourselves aside in order to become who someone else already is. We have idols, influencers, guides, and mentors urging us to be like them when the one person we avoid is ourselves. Who am I to say so? I am someone living in the same atmosphere, I am a simple outsider in the mix because I want to be me.

I can only be me. This is something I want you to understand before I go any further, you are responsible for how you live no matter what happens. you are responsible for your dreams, you are responsible for your goals, and you are responsible for your character. Disclaimer: Just because you're responsible doesn't mean you have to be alone during the process.

think about these things, as this season goes on I want you to evaluate yourself. I want you to really think, am I taking the time to understand myself better? better yet I need you to answer this question in the comment section before you go any

Before you read below...did you answer the question?

This is not a new question but to me, there's a common misconception that I'm just asking your name. But who are you? What makes you who you are? What makes you different?

You're probably reading this like, "Who is this guy telling me what to do?"

I'll tell you and let this be your example...

I am Emmanuel David Wallace, I am the leader and founder of Dream Publications who is trying to find a way to share the words God has given me to share. I have several desires in life and the number one desire I have is to inspire and help change people's lives as God leads me. I'm not an automatically social person but if you catch me I enjoy meeting new people, especially in groups. I've struggled with isolation, fear, and anxiety in my past but I have found something much greater in God. You can read about that in Freedom. I believe that nothing in life happens without a reason or purpose. my favorite word is "more". who I am is not the traditional 19-year-old trying to fit in. I can't stand the thought of wasting time, If I'm going to work; I'm going to work. loyalty is important to me, commitment is key, and taking action is a must. God is extremely important to me which is why this is labeled a Christian-led company, I refuse to be who I used to be (also in Freedom). I am the type of person to push others to get to know themselves and grow, chase their dreams, and pursue the passion buried within. I have a goal that is unrealistic in most eyes but it's to give hope to the hopeless. that in a nutshell is Emmanuel D. Wallace...oh and small talk isn't my thing

feel free to tell us who you are! this is the first assignment/request for Season 1, tell us who you are.

Welcome to Season 1 "It Relies on You"

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