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Crucial Update

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

  1. We are starting a new campaign

be on the lookout for these upcoming releases...and please, please, please share. These are not books that should remain hidden. Someone needs hope and understanding. When they come out in February 2023 We will need your help!! We are seeking to reach people from ages ranging from 13 and up. Why? Because this is the range where life is the most unpredictable, uncertain, and frightening. Many people are struggling to find purpose and faith. The reason we’re approaching this audience is because we want to offer the grand solution in an understandable, relatable way. We want to spread the Gospel close to home, home meaning the hearts of those who are in need of hope.

2. Expect us to be more present. We're starting a Podcast and creating a blog that will allow us to share testimonies, thoughts, and stories that relate to the theme of our campaign which is, we have the power to choose. Choice is the one superpower we were blessed with. What better thing is there to choose outside of the greatest thing known to man? Freedom. Without the ability to choose, our lives would never change and we’d never become all we were made to be. The best possible choice to make is Jesus!

3. we will be building a magazine that will release once every sure to look out for those and subscribe for access. To add yourself to the mailing list Subscribe below.

4. We will be looking to host and attend more events. Updates will be coming on a regular basis.

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