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Dwell in the light

A shadow born a star

I am but another man. I have no power over the next person. I am but a man, human, flesh. This day when all seemed to be dragging by I heard that small still voice in my head speak to me as I watched a riveting documentary about the tower of babel. My mind was elsewhere, stressing itself out about what to do with the projects I had left in the archives when it spoke saying, “after this, meditate. There’s something I want to show you.”

I, as a young idiot, decided to watch another documentary beforehand and I ended up falling asleep, but even so what I thought the voice had wanted to show me was left unrevealed. I was allowed to finish the documentary and I immediately sat down, sinking swiftly into deep meditation. This is where I saw something beautifully frightening occur. I opened my eyes in the midst of a wilderness where I was met with a straight path. In my hand I held my phone, recording something, I couldn’t quite hear myself but I knew I was walking with a sure step as if I'd passed this road time and time again.

It wasn’t long until something caught my attention. I walked steadily under the shade of the overhanging trees, things were surprisingly dark considering the high sun. I walked until a dark green bench appeared at my side and at its side was a small shadow sitting with its arms wrapped around its knees. It appeared to be crying. I stepped closer to it and extended my hand. It looked up, its eyes piercing the corner of my soul. I had never seen such sorrowful eyes. We were like this for a brief, awkward moment, before it took hold of my hand. This is where the beautifully frightening part occurred. Upon contact, the shadow shifted its nature. I could see her face, I could see her clothes, and I could see a gentle, determined smile on her face. I saw her. She was human just like me though a moment ago she had been nothing but a wisp of darkness. I stood shocked as I watched her transform. I had no time to marvel at this extraordinary spectacle because my perspective would swiftly change. I was now looking down upon myself. I was glowing. It was a brilliant light I emitted, but I knew it wasn’t mine. It was of a divine nature that could only be given from the God above.

I watched as the girl fell into step behind me as I began my journey again, moving beyond the bench. As we went many joined us. I watched in awe and confusion when the voice came upon me again saying, “This is the power of the light I have planted within you, hold it back from no one for they see it even if you don’t.”

This I understood, It rested in my mind every day...what was the power of the light I’d been given? I watched longer as the scene shifted to a vast field filled with shadows. I stood in the middle, still glowing but whispering to myself as they one by one began to illuminate as I either touched, brushed past, or spoke to them. It was like watching city lights turn on one by one along the streets. Some were dim, some were bright, and the sequence was unimaginable. I was whispering “I’m a shadow just like you guys, why do you light up when I approach you?”

Then the voice answered saying, “shadow no more, embrace your light.”

Then the scene shifted to a grad party I attended and the same occurred, and I noticed that some people were already vaguely lit. The voice said to me then, “they have but a portion of what I have to offer, there is much more available hidden within if they’d take the time to get to know me. Show them my grace.”

It was truly beautiful, invigorating, and exciting for he spoke to me about this summer of 2021, giving him it all and the fact that I may not need a job when I’ve been praying for one, how I may not need to go to school when I felt trapped in one, how I only need to trust his process and all he has will be given to me. Then he showed me one of the first visions I ever had. I stood upon a stage, in Africa or someplace like it and I had left the mic where it was and began to speak. I felt powerful and humbled as well. As I spoke I began to settle in and watched as the people began to give in to the chance they were offered. It was a small group but it was enough. The stage was tall and wooden with a nice wooden stand on its top where I stood. I sat on the edge watching as the people slowly began to illuminate, my message was “More,” I had never imagined something like this to happen. I had been given the opportunity to witness the choice to embrace more amongst people I never met before. One person stood out to me though. They lifted their hands and head boldly and immediately they ignited. All I could think to do was watch as God entered into the man’s heart.

I have just been reminded that as the vision ended showing multitudes of people/shadows gathering into the fields in which I stood, it is only God’s power that can and will light the fire inside of our hearts if we’d let him. He said to me “many shall flock into your fields. Lead them to me and you shall all shine like stars together in my name.”

We are shadows born as stars through God.

I had never felt such an intense passion in my life for what I do as I do now. Ever since stepping out into faith and being born again, I have not returned to the shadow I used to be. There is so much more in store for those who seek the kingdom of heaven. If you believe and you want to meet God in the end choose to follow Acts 2:38, study what it means to live righteously, study what it means to serve God who is and wants to be your best friend, and learn what it means to achieve salvation. Finally, take the chance on your soul and give God a chance to wake it up. Because he is our savior he laid the perfect blueprint to him out in the bible...there’s so much more in store for those who wish to march alongside God. my God. The best way to start is to believe. One can only experience it by their own choice, it’s free and it’s available, be a shadow no more and embrace your light.

This may not be a personal vision but it is one that symbolizes and represents the power God gives those who embrace him entirely. James chapter 2 verses 14-26 check those scriptures out along with mark 16:16, John 3:16. Understand who God is and what he stands for. There is only one God that can light you up like this. Seek him first because I am but an example.

It Relies on you.

Season 1 "It Relies on You."

Emmanuel Wallace

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