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Encourage yourself

Fridays from here on out I will be sharing a poem or two for you, from the Confessions files. Each Friday they will be different. Some will be to inspire and encourage and others will be for you to simply think, evaluate, and interpret. Today I leave you with...


It’s a thought at first

Then it’s reality

It’s something free

but from what I can see

It’s hard to respond to.

Sentiment is deeper than a feeling

It’s a root born of an internal desire

Love is often at its root.

To say I love you

Is strong enough to alter hearts.

To say I hate you

Is strong enough to tear them apart.

Tender words caress the tongue of genuine content.

Sentiment is deeper than you may think.

It’s inexplicable and it flows like water as it leaves the doors of the speaker's soul.

The heart cannot process it

Only the soul.

It’s more than a feeling, it’s a hope

Sometimes rooted in sadness

Indicating regret of something before.

Something passed.

What’s due is the truth

And I say these 7 words unto you ti help








Don’t forget your past

Don’t hold it against yourself

Embrace your future

And enjoy your now

If it is good let those who need it hear

If it is bad explain the change

Your openness matters

Just as much as a handle matters to the door.

Sure we lock them to keep the privacy

But at some point, they must be opened

Withhold not your truth

It’s only true to you.

It has the power to open someone's door

Help them overcome some stairs and reach new floors

If a reality they only hoped to see.

Let it be done so that hope becomes experience and experience becomes a story and that story becomes memorable.

Sentimental thoughts often cross my mind

But often with love and gratitude.

I have no regrets but my tender words I hope reach you

I love you.


Take a chance

When you take a chance

Your feet will feel like they never met land

As you go life goes from bland

To rocky

And from rocky

To steep.

The road of chances is never smooth for too long

There’s always something there to make the journey in which you belong.

That’s okay though because taking a chance

Gives you freedom if you last

Peace if you grow

And hope as your light begins to show.

Take a chance even without instant opportunity

Take a chance even when it doesn’t guarantee success

Take a chance even when you’re afraid

Take a chance because that’s why you were made.

For a purpose.

It’s bigger than you

It’s bigger than me.

If you want to be free, take a chance.

Season 1 "It Relies on You"

Encourage Yourself

Check out the Confessions files...

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