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As a butterfly escapes its cacoon, and a seed its shell, you, my friend must evolve. knowing yourself is one thing, it's matter of factually the first crucial thing regarding change. you need to know what needs to come and go. You need to be able to understand your shortcomings and face your fears. This is not an easy task and it must take place over and over again until we eventually become all of who God wants us to be.

Do you know who you are? are you spending time with yourself? When it's time to rest, are you resting? when it's time to work, are you working? when it's time to grow, are you growing?

We grow and change every day but that does not negate the fact that we need to rest. It does not mean we should neglect ourselves to become what others want us to be. we often overwork ourselves trying to fit a mold that is not yet to be. Evolution for us is always linked to our path to success. It's how we see growth. We measure it with natural things hoping they can reflect the spiritual delicacies of life. I've been noticing the increasing effect of trends and flash inspiration. We've stopped looking for ourselves and have settled with the societal viewpoint of who we should be. We choke our dreams, annihilate our vision, and massacre our faith becoming carbon copies of the next man. Something has to change.

We have to evolve. Those of us that know who we are need to take that knowledge and expand. We need to fortify our strengths and pinpoint our weaknesses. We need to assess our pain and evaluate our position. How long will we stand in the midst of the sand, sinking lower and lower as despair ruins our lives? How long will it take for you, for us to realize that we are responsible? Our choices are the root of our development. Don't you want to grow?

Evolution is frightening. It requires intentional decision-making. It requires patience. It requires faith. It hurts. It's necessary if you want to continue to grow, you at some point need to evolve. We can't remain the same expecting to continue to grow. we have to mature. We have to move beyond the past. Evolving is scary because we actually have to fight. A seed battles against its shell, as the butterfly eats away at its cacoon. For me I had to learn the hard way. I thought I would grow without ever putting in the work. I thought I could avoid the pain, or surpress it. My ideaology was that if no one knew, it didn't exist. I refused to grow up in a manner of letting go and opening up. I had and still have a difficult time opening up about the things I genuinely care about...there's room to grow. I used to always be afraid of rejection. I feared that if I broke my shell and cacoon and showed my real colors, people would hate me because I had talent. I hid myself and what God had given me to work with. I almost drowned myself trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I refused to grow. I allowed my highschool years to flatline, like I said before I conformed to who the crowd wanted me to be. I wasn't dumb and I'm not dumb now, but I played the role. In basketball I played "the ideal point guard" knowing I had so much more in my arsenal than just pass and run around, sacrificing my body to maintain the momentum. I would get scrapes and bruises cleaning up messes without ever getting crdit because thats what was expected of me. I couldn't show m love for the game in the fullest that way. I was labeled a scrappy player who could handle the ball. What woke me up was how one of the top ranking school's in our division recognized my hidden skill before even my regular coach. I tried to hide but he considered me a threat. I was constantly angry at my team for not allowing me the room to do my thing without realizing it was me hiding that took away my opportunity. I had to grow. I had to evolve. I had to speak up. I had to stand up. It pains me to reflect on how I realized this after it was all over. I'm glad I learned though. Through failure I learned one fundamental truth. "A loss is not the end if you keep moving forward."

(I won't say I wasn't growing but I'd only show my true self to specific people. the older I get and the more i grow, the more I realize, I want to be me all of the let's get useed to it and evolve.)

Evolution requires us to step out of comfort and into the rocky waters of uncertainty. possibility is the only guarantee. Do you believe you can evolve? Do you think you can be better today than you were yesterday? Do you trust the process?

I'm asking you, do you want to evolve?

Season 1 "It Relies on You"

Emmanuel Wallace

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