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Freedom: The meaning of life? From a youthful apostolic POV

By: Emmanuel D. Wallace, $13.99, paperback, 125 pages.

New Book Tells The Story of 5 Young Christians Who Took A Chance On God And Found This Wonderful Thing We Call Freedom.

Christianity is on the rise. There is a new wave flooding the social atmosphere. From social media to real life, hundreds of thousands of young people are giving their life to Christ. There is one issue though. Who can we relate to? Though many young people are converting and accepting the message Christians call the Gospel, there is a lack of cohesion and relatability within the rapidly expanding community. Age does not define the quality of our lives. There’s more to the young than what meets the eye. There’s a story that needs to be told because someone needs it.

Not only does this book express the Gospel, it brings to light the beginning and the present life Freedom through Christ has to offer. It's hard as a young Christian or believer trying to find their way to Christ to maintain hope. This is why Emmanuel Wallace wrote Freedom: The meaning of life? From a youthful apostolic POV. This 125 page book holds the answer to what it means to take a chance on Christ. In this book you will find…

  • The beginning: the reason Freedom is necessary

  • The importance of God in our lives. Why do we need help and what is the result of seeking that help?

  • 5 testimonies broken up into before and after Christ segments, that emphasize that being a Christian doesn’t warrant perfection. It requires a choice. You don’t have to be perfect to take a chance.

  • The reason why stories/testimonies are so significant.

  • The supernatural beauty of who God is and what it means to start/have a relationship with him.

  • Biblical explanation and emphasis on the product of choice.

  • The definition of Freedom.

  • Common struggles that have been overcome through Christ.

  • Encouragement/reassurance that you are not alone in the process of Christianity.

  • An explanation of Acts 2:38: you will find the reason why it is important for us to take 3 crucial. steps in the salvation process.

  • Redemption and change.

  • A breakdown of what it means to be/take action on being free.

At the Edge: What Eyes Have Not Seen

By: Emmanuel D. Wallace, $12.99, 118 pages

New book reveals the one on one conversation between two friends. This conversation is not as it would seem. What do you want? This is the question raised by one friend to the other. Change or Remain? It's up to you.

Could you imagine life all alone, left to your own thoughts? What would it be like to sit idle for so long hoping someone would find you but never do? At least until you’re met with the one person you never thought you’d see again. What is the story behind a lost man’s dream? What does it mean to share the principles of Christ?

Emmanuel Wallace writes At the Edge from a perspective of a man rooted in the past, seeking redemption. The man is offered a choice and an opportunity. Will he take them? Emmanuel wrote this book with these things in mind…

  • Questions (who, what, and why)

  • What is the Gospel

  • What goes through the mind of someone who just wants to be free?

  • How should one present the Gospel?

  • Friends, and their significance in walking down new roads.

  • Elements that hinder hope.

  • Change and the reason behind it.

  • Choices and their consequences

And much much more…

This Side of Heaven: Epistles of the broken hearted.

By: Emmanuel D. Wallace, $12.99, Paperback, 116 Pages.

New book tells the story of a man who was met by an angel wielding broken letters. Letters of the lost and abandoned. New book begs the question, do you want to know what it’s like on This Side of Heaven?!

Could you imagine laying on your deathbed waiting for death to claim you? Would you have one wish you wanted granted before you passed? What if it were to gain an understanding of the things you overlooked or denied your entire life? What if it were to be healed and made free of the confines of that solitary seat? Could you imagine being met with the answer you were looking for all along?

Emmanuel Wallace writes This Side of Heaven from the perspective of a man who let his desire pass him by. His hope was limited to what he could see. Emmanuel wrote this book with these things in mind…

  • Jesus

  • What would the reader be thinking if they were in his position?

  • If there’s significance, how can it be made understandable?

  • Letters are often sent out of love or pain. There has to be a catalyst.

  • What makes Jesus worth the time?

  • Perspective: human vs human from the voice of an angel.

  • Choices/decisions have to be made. If the opportunity presents itself, why miss it? Take action. This book is a series of calls and responses.

  • What matters when it comes to reaching heaven

  • The significance of change

  • Biblical citation and explanation/in-depth scripture analysis.

  • The struggles of the young mind

  • The weight of eternal loss

  • The fear of missing out

  • The desire to make amends

  • Time and the significance of using it wisely

  • The significance of the light of the world

  • Salvation and the power behind it.

Choose: It’s Up to You

Emmanuel D. Wallace, $10.99, 56 pages

New book brings forth the question of change. Is it necessary? Or is it pointless? Choose is a call to action. Will you move along in faith or will you remain where you are?

Following after Freedom, At the Edge, and This Side of Heaven Choose is the final boss. What will you do now that you know? Ask yourself this, what decision have you been afraid to make? Will you take a chance? Emmanuel wrote Choose with these things in mind…

  • What are the keys to making decisions

  • The significance of time

  • The significance of Energy

  • The significance of Effort

  • The significance of being intentional with and about the decisions we make.

  • What is the value of this life

  • Choose

And much much more…

Dream Publications, (262)-277-9541,

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