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Freedom #2

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Stories. We all have them and we wonder...when should should I...why should I share this with you. Why is it essential for me to share something so dear to me with a stranger whom I have never met? How could I say this in a way they'd understand? Is it worth the hassle if I'm judged for the life I live? Are you scared?

It is common for us as people to settle for fantasies when the truth reveals the most beautiful scenery. I could create an entire world full of pleasant sounds and soothing expanses, fooling you into thinking everything is fine when it's not. I could rupture the velvet lining that splits partiality from totality. A complete story is ten times better than a portion mixed with fairy tales. Freedom is a book that highlights not just the importance of stories but the significance of choice as well. Every choice has a consequence and if I remain silent; that too is my choice. Would I be satisfied with myself if I settled with comfort? Would God be satisfied? Can you see it? stories are told and translated to relay an important message. No, I might not have been through what you've been through. No, I might not have the same eyes or thoughts but your STORY can help me. My story can help you.

Those of us who claim the title Christian and saint. Those of us who are saved and filled with the Holy Ghost should understand that it doesn't matter how long you've been saved to share what God has brought you out of. I've only been saved for almost 2 years and nothing's the same. From where I came from to where I am, I KNOW GOD IS REAL but how can I share that?!

Through writing Freedom I found a way, an avenue not just for me but for the youth surrounding me to share their testimony. A way for them to reach an audience much like them. The ones who feel as if they have no voice. the ones who fear that they'll be judged. My goal through writing this and future volumes is to give them that voice to share their story. You never know whose life you can impact with such a simple thing as this. It's bigger than me, it's bigger than's about souls.

get your copy of Freedom now to join the movement :

Click this link if you're on mobile: Freedom

~Emmanuel Wallace

The next move of Dream Publications is to capitalize on this. Project Freedom is soon to come. Stay tuned for updates and future releases.

Note: If you made it here, thank you. Share this with as many people as you possibly can. It's time we made a difference in our community and the world around us.

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