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Friday Inspiration


You see me, do you see my wounds

All of those times I risked my life for you

I never feared what lied behind the tomb

Because I dedicated my all to you.

I bet you wish I was through

But no I have something greatly to protect too

I’ll put my blood, sweat, and tears

Into it until I feel them rushing out of my ears

I can’t allow that presence of fear.

You see me, do you see my wounds

It’s been this way from the womb

I was born to protect

Ever since we met

I chose you

I’d lay my life down like an all In bet

I won’t die knowing you’re upset.

For years I watched the stars

As they climbed further and further away like this time of ours

I’ll bear these scars forever

They all make me better

All of the cuts and tears I took for you

I wouldn’t even regard them as wounds

But it makes sense right?

You’ve watched me jump in front of fire for you

Walk the thin wire for you

That’s because you’re a part of me too.

I am the past and you are the present

The future is determined by your acceptance

I battled so you can relax

I lost so you could win

I cried so you could smile

Do you understand that I am about to pass?

Look at me one more time as the last

You will forever wield my scars

But they will be the reason you shine like the morning star

Because you embraced them and let the pain go

So they could be like priceless etching on aged stone.

You will never be perfect

But you can be whole

Regardless my battles I welcome you home

To the present go back

And be like me

Fight for a better future and then you’ll see

My wounds

My scars

Just me.

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