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Friday inspiration #2


I don’t know if I’m doing it right

Am I to fight?

Be a light?

Or just remain alright.

I don’t really know.

How do I show

That I wish to grow

But I’m still kind of slow

Because on the low it’s only just begun.

Am I doing it right?

Am I proving worthy in your sight?

Where do I go

When everyone is pressing different roads.

Is this the nature of a divine goal?

Heaven, God, Lord, Jesus

Do you really need us?

I wonder but he’s already proven

He made us

Handpicked to make a difference.

Do I know all of the steps


But he’s been my hand to hold

I’m sold that if I did this right he’d embrace me

But the undeniable thing

Is he’s had my hand

And is holding me steady

I can’t tell you I’m doing it right or wrong

We’ll see

But still, he’s with me


Season 1 "It Relies on you"

Emmanuel D. Wallace

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