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Friday Poem Day

On this lovely Friday afternoon, I bring to you a poem related to our current season, "The Dream"

This poem is about digging deeper. Don't settle for what you see on the outside, go deeper.


They say if you pick up a shovel

You’ll find a hole.

It’ll just appear out of thin air as a whole.

They say if you pick up a shovel

You can find great treasures

Buried deep in the earth for different measures.

What one seeks is what the reason they hold such a tool.

Some choose release by digging six feet

Some choose hope by digging one heart deep

Some choose fame by digging twelve pockets steep

Some choose freedom by digging one soul deep.

If I picked up a shovel where would I go first?

Would I seek the treasures of this earth?

Or would I dig a well so my soul no longer thirst?

Where would I strike ground?

If I hit one wrong patch there’s no guarantee I’ll make it back.

The odds of success are especially stacked

Against people who dig deep inside of themselves

Because in that hole guess what you find?





And through all of that

A flicker of light.

With the shovel in hand, you’d wonder why

Or where that light came from.

How could you remember it being there

When you’ve been digging blindly

Through your life’s different time scenes.

If you dig a little deeper past the dark

There will be an archive of treasures

Only you can possess.

Your lessons

Your potential

Your gifts

Your talents

Your opportunity

Your faith

And most importantly…you.

With these things is it necessary to dig

On the outside,

Trying to break thick crust?

I think not.

At the hill of your “inner self”

The crust is but a thin film of glass

That if we took our shovel of restoration

And poked it,

We’d see just how deep we can get

And realize that we are all different breeds, and in that hole

We can plant the seed of something greater.

Pick up the shovel because there’s a hole in each and every one of us to examine.


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