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Here Free - Friday Poetry

Here free

Where did it lead me?

It lead me here.

It lead me fresh,


And clear.

This is what I consider free,

Being loosed from the chains

And barriers set by my interior, detonated

With bombs of destruction by my ex.

Before something so simple would act as a vex.

But when I look around in this new frame of mind I don’t have to wonder about what’s next.

This game of choice has become clear to me

Because with immense honesty I’m free.

Roads don’t curve encapsulating my dreams

Because my eyes are set on the one and only king.

Some people say stay outside of that realm because he’ll play you like a violin string

But no, I took a chance

And through that chance I made an advance into the ranks of true freedom.

I’m not hitched by money

Or swindled by fame

The material things of life all pass the same

Into an abyss of dirty hands.

I took the chance on washing my hands and they came out anew

A different brand was then ensued.

I took a choice of flesh or soul

And it seems like I hit the ball straight in the goal.

I’m here

But I’m free.

Where he comes from is a place we can’t see

One of wonderful mysteries

That are beautiful even when unsolved,

I was called,

By his voice I was called

Softly and gently he said come

Like a father beckoning his son

And when I went I realized that I had to decide.

It was me or him

Bondage or freedom

A chain or a hand

A spiraling drain is what life is, constantly eating at our energy until we’re gone,

But he told me

What he would give me as a gift could not be drained.

Now I’m here free.


This is the meaning of life.

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