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Have you ever felt inadequate? like nothing seemed to be right with you? I have. There were times when I unintentionally cowered into the shadows of my own uncertainty for fear that I was inadequate or unfit for the purpose my life was intended. How long would it have taken me to look up if it wasn't for those floors of glass forcing me to look myself in the face? I was afraid to share how I really felt. Not anymore! it takes intentional self evaluation. if you want to change, if you want to be better...look in the mirror, evaluate your surroundings and make a move. No, it's not easy or smooth. in a lot of cases it won't seem "cool" but go anyway, even if it hurts for a season or two.

Floors of glass

I’ve watched in the darkness without

Realizing I was the light.

I listened from a distance

When you were right beside me.

I jumped up a stair

But it was the one I was already on

I whispered to the stars

When I was alone all along

I wondered what it would be like to see

When the world screamed “HELLO” all around me

I am not blind

My vision is just elsewhere.

In a fight a TKO is considered fair

In life a knockout happens every time I care

I felt you from afar

When you were right in my face

I desire to be great

But I remain at the gates

Do I knock

Or do I wait?

I have watched in the shadows

Without realizing I was the one who cast them

I feared the light that shone on me

I wanted nothing but its hand

Wouldn’t that be grand?

I looked in the mirror

And I felt inferior.

The man I saw was a leader

Yet I followed

I remained swallowed

In my own deceit.

The heart's greatest breach

Is the one made by the wielder himself.

Or herself.

We are human but we can be so much more if we accept our core.

Strive to soar.

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