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It's been a while...

I know it's been a minute but we haven't given up. we're still here looking to inspire and encourage you. Today we have a fairly simple message. Why do I keep saying "we"...meh, doesn't matter. listen, listen, listen, DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!

There’s a thing I hate about giving up

It’s quite simple. Wanna know?

It’s the fact that it’s comfortable, it’s not hard.

So I refuse…whatever challenge comes my way I’ll endure…what’s coming is better than what’s been, we’ll make it through.

Keep pushing my friend. This reminds me of a poem I read during our black history month assembly while I was in 7th grade it was titled "Don't Quit" by anonymous. although it has no direct author I still wanted to give credit to the poem that helped me face several fears, one being mild stage fright. I shall present it in the form of the image. please do not overlook these powerful words.

Note: Freedom will be released with a new cover concept coming soon! new face sale will begin the same day for the entire week of the release!

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