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Planted by the seed

Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.

Luke 8:11

How could roots form in the heart of a broken man? I guess it has to dig deeper than the surface. I mean a surface-level seed can’t go deeper than the ground permits. It can’t penetrate of its own accord. A seed must be planted. Can a broken man with a cracked heart find room to create a passage for the seed of life to be planted? Not of his own accord. The word of God is not a surface-level seed, though it can be taken on from a surface-level perspective… it's much deeper. Like a normal seed, it cannot grow in stony places. Like a normal seed, it is quickly devoured by thorns and thistles. This is only if it is ignored by pride, ignorance, and fear. The word of God is designed to penetrate such surfaces and clean them out. It is no ordinary seed that sits idle while it grows. It purifies and adjusts the ground in which it is planted. It breathes life into the earth. It vitalizes the terrain. It erupts with love and truth.

The word of God is a beautiful thing. It sinks deeper the more it is engaged. It is attentive to the time you spend with it. It is sensitive to how you apply and eat of its fruits. There is much to learn from the word of God. it grows on, within, and around you. It is ultimately the roadmap to change. The key to freedom. Within this seed rests the purest of teachings and examples of love and grace. Within this seed, you find the roots of wisdom, freedom, growth, change, and transformation. Ground cannot birth a seed upon itself. As much as it may try, there is no ground in this world that is made green without a seed.

The seed is available, you just have to make room.

One major thing to consider

Where is your heart in this?

God is good,

Emmanuel D. Wallace

With these small, free snippets Emmanuel Wallace is taking scriptures from each book listed below and expanding on them just for you. Take a dive into this new sea of perspective and depth. Remember we’re all chasing one dream; be free.

Snippet created from the inspiration of

There's Freedom at the Edge of This Side of Heaven

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