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Processing the Story

My journey didn't begin in the likeliest of ways. This was not premeditated, this was not determined by a pressing least not until the dream, a real dream that was bigger than money and myself approached me. I wasn't looking for it. I wasn't charging, putting my life on the line for it. This dream approached me in the form of a memory.

I was young, and it was my first talent show ever. I either had to do a poem or can guess what I did. I did a poem. I'll never forget that moment, standing on that stage by myself, wondering if I had what it takes not to be judged or ridiculed harshly. I was hoping I had enough to be acceptable. I remember that deep breath, and I remember the moment I stepped off the stage with the burning desire to cry shifting the atmosphere around me. I thought I was the worst act. This is nothing new, I always thought I was the worst. Then three years ago that very moment found me in an excruciating season of drought. I was at a loss for what to do. I was in a rough spot with no idea as to how to release the daggers that relentlessly pierced my mind, I had no escape. I remembered as I lay on the carpet floors of my bedroom, I had hidden a large sketch pad under my dresser. I was either going to pick up drawing, or it'd sit there for eternity with no real purpose or value to me. Unfortunately, I had nothing to draw, but a memory kissed my mind and I decided I'd try again. I thought I'd try poetry again. I sent it to a friend when it was done, immediately I was met with encouragement. I went deeper until I realized I could write how I really feel and share this "outlet" with those around me. I realized my pain didn't have to be mine to bear alone. I could share it with the sheet of paper at hand. Months and a million thoughts flashed by and I got into a groove. I felt closer to God the more I wrote and found it to be a talent that came naturally to me. I tried writing a book right away at the age of fifteen, it was called "Afterthoughts" (It'll probably never hit the market). I wrote my frustrations out in the form of intense symbolism, praying someone would understand how my mind worked. Well, as you can see I realized it wasn't strong enough so I went deeper into poetry, and made confessions not too long after. I managed to sell a ten copies to family and that was all.

I almost gave up. Feeling invisible is a surprising part of this process that I had to get used to in order to keep pushing. When you realize your dream is bigger than you, then you can endure any hardship. I then released confessions volume 2, sold out, then didn't sell a copy until almost a year later. My life changed completely on February 14th, 2021, that's when I gave my life totally to God. Then we wrote Freedom which didn't come out until February 14th of 2022. So far we've sold out twice and given away quite a few books to the public. I found that commitment is key to being successful even if the victories are fairly small. We have our first client, We're working on a journal for her at the moment so a few projects are on pause. Though so far the journey has been slow we're making ground. Eventually, we hope to be printing and put together our own books with our own tools. I'm excited to be more creative and free with whatever comes to me. Stay tuned for the next upcoming releases @Dream_Publications on Instagram. We're just getting started but our mission is to change lives one small world at a time. I want to show the world that God speaks even through words on a page, and help people see that they aren't stagnant but riveting with life and purpose. The ultimate goal is always to lead our readers to the most important decisions and text being the Bible and Salvation. I hope and pray we can help you find your way to the Freedom you seek.

Season 2: "The Dream"

Emmanuel Wallace

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