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Who am I?

My name is Emmanuel Wallace,

I am 19 years old, living in West Bend Wisconsin. I’m the leader of the Dream Chaser Nation which is a growing social organization that influences and inspires the younger generation to chase their dreams and take a chance on what they think is possible through the media (social). I’ve been writing since I was 13 and self publishing since I turned 15. I run Dream Publications, which is a building publishing company where we look to publish and write books that inspire, motivate, and challenge others aka the reader to expand beyond their current limitations. Our goal is to change lives one small world at a time.

What’s so special about our books? Our new one specifically?

Our books aren’t one dimensional. What I mean by this is there are lessons hidden within every poem, messages within every story, questions that make you think even as you engage in each dialogue. Our books hold the emotional weight and sincerity of the youth. We want to inspire other youth, we’re the next generation charged to impact the world…why not do it positively?

Freedom specifically is different from all of my previous ones…it’s a testimony built book based around the idea of freedom and how God’s worked that into our lives. It’s 5 testimonies broken up into before and after getting set free from bondage spiritually. Overall it’s about showing people that stories matter when it comes to making a difference. And when young people use their voice whether externally or through paper, it matters, especially when it comes to sharing how God has impacted our lives at a young age. In a nutshell it’s a book about trial and error, cause and effect, choice and opportunity, and ultimately the result…being in everyone in the book's case, salvation.

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