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I was sitting in the car on my way to a meeting that would take three hours of my day away from me. Though it was a lively, exciting ride, I was thinking about you guys. I was wondering, what I should write about. I've been posting quite a bit about my new upcoming releases and our number 1 best seller "Freedom" and that will not stop (be sure to check those out too for updates and future events). Today though we're a week off schedule...whoops....we want to talk about the color purple.

This topic was given to me by a friend I was sitting with in said car. I asked him to give me a word, any word, and he said to me "Purple". I was confused at first and then curious. "what does purple represent?" I asked myself and then my friend.

"Purple represents royalty. back in the days of monarchs purple was what adorned prominent people and the royal members," he said.

I didn't expect his response because I forgot that I had heard that before. I could do that and so here we are.

Royalty. The simplistic description of peak character and humility. One cannot be royal with a big head. Well, I'd be lying if I said that but in all truth, if you're a prideful king or queen you will miss the significance of your role. Are we not royal? we have no problem calling each other king or queen but how often are we embodying these titles? Many of us like to hold on to things like this and define ourselves bu the sensualized version that the media creates for this term. The royalty we stunt on the media is abrasive and fabricated. We flaunt our money, stature, and popularity expecting people to put us at the center of their lives. We want to be at the top, we want to be the apple of the world's eye. We want to be seen so we'll belittle ourselves to do it. Are we not more valuable than appearances? What good is the exterior of a house with a poorly kept interior?

In today's time, we are missing the true reality of royalty. We think it means power but in reality, it means humility. We think it means control but in reality, it means submission. We think it means glory but in reality, it means responsibility. Royalty is more than an appearance. Royalty is character. My fellow dreamers do not settle for the world eye view of royalty. Be you. Build and establish character, profitable character. Be respectable not because of what you have but because of who you are. You weren't designed to flaunt temporary things. this life only lasts for a moment so live a life you can be proud of. You don't have to flaunt to be happy. You don't have to be seen to be valid or loved. You need to find yourself. You need to understand where your value comes from.

if you take nothing away take can't be royal without having truly respectable character. who you are speaks volumes don't forget it.

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