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Stop It

I don't have much to say leading up to this just listen...

Stop holding the door shut

when you want it opened.

Stop fearing progress

and enjoy the process.

Stop cowering to change

when you want to be different.

stop settling in weakness

when strength lies within you.

Stop giving pain more power

when love reigns supreme.

Stop buying the goods of sorrow

when peace and love is free.

Stop worrying about little setbacks

when God has "Bigger" in store.

Stop holding back

when all you have to do is attack.

Stop doubting

when all you have the potential in you.

Stop it.

Stop making excuses

and keep moving forward.

Stop destroying yourself to be accepted

when you're designed to be different.

Stop giving up because it's easy.

Keep going.

You can't go up if you're looking down.

Stop it.

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1 Comment

Love it !!! 🥰🥰

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