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Talk to Yourself a little bit

Have you ever taken time out of your day to talk to yourself? To encourage yourself? Have you ever needed to run something through or repeat something to yourself so that you can gain an understanding?

There's nothing wrong with talking to yourself. There's nothing weird about it. I'm going to keep this short and simple. Feel free to encourage yourself. Me, personally I have set an automation on my phone to text me "It's your season, trust God" every day at 9:00 am. Every day I look at it, even if I don't feel like things are working out the way I hoped they wood. Some days I won't lie, I ignore it. I have work to do. I know I do. And that's the main reason I have to keep reminding myself, and encouraging myself to keep moving forward. I don't want to fall short of all of who I'm meant to be. Sometimes I text myself longer messages to remind myself of where I am and the current progress that I've made. I know it's easy to lose sight of what you have when you are focused on the future. I have to keep myself in check. The first person we're all responsible for before anyone is ourselves. I refuse to allow myself to lose a battle to myself. Being a follower of Christ is not as easy as I initially thought it would be, it requires intentional change. I feel like a lot of people ignore that aspect of the relationship but we have to change. you can't grow unless you're intentional. Every day I am harder on myself than I know I should be...and sometimes I push myself into a corner so I text myself the promises of God and the words he placed over my life. I read and study and replay the message within my mind. On days like today, when it's rough and tedious, I certainly have to remind myself of the things that truly matter which to me, are the words and workings of the one who loves me unconditionally in my life. I have to rebuke myself sometimes because if I don't pay attention I'll try to compare my walk and life with other people's.

It's a process but I want to tell you today that it's okay to talk to yourself but when you do make sure it's in a way that will enhance you and your mindset. Never speak down about yourself, but speak truthfully. If you have work to do, say you have work to do and take action. don't sit on it, take action. You'll never be perfect and that's fine but know your worth and pursue your God-given purpose. If you don't know what that is...pray. The best person to talk to above yourself and your family and friends is your creator who is the one and only living God whose name is Jesus. Who can know the creation better than the creator? If you don't know something, ask. simplicity in the truth of heaven is better than complexity bred by the falsehood of the world.

Don't be afraid to come to a conclusion.

Talk to yourself a little bit. speak life to yourself. encourage yourself. and Challenge yourself.

Season 1 "It relies on you"

Emmanuel Wallace

Talk to yourself a little bit

go check out the inspiring book of this series... Freedom

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