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This Side of Heaven preview

Today's post is going to be a much-needed sidenote. so...I recently wrote a book called "This Side of Heaven: epistles of the brokenhearted" as the title of this post states and I'm working on its partner book as we speak (At the edge: what eyes have not seen.) This Side of Heaven is something I wrote with one thought in mind. That thought was, "What are people thinking that may hold them back from giving God a try?" My grandpa and pastor Bishop Michael R Wallace preached a message that inspired the title. He said, "There’s nothing compared to being in relationship with God, this side of Heaven." I loved that saying and ran with what God gave me. This book to me opens the playing field using scripture to enhance the overall message that GOD IS THE ANSWER YOU'RE LOOKING FOR! I wrote this book thinking about my past and admiring the present I am blessed to experience. I took the old feelings of helplessness and isolation tied with the burdensome feelings of inadequacy to formulate an encouraging yet informative message of change. I've learned a lot writing this book and it's opened my eyes as God revealed the hidden thoughts many youths specifically have that they don't know how to openly express. This Side of Heaven heavily appeals to the reader's heart. and in all of my books, I ask, "What do you want?"

This will be a different type of post because here I want to share the introduction with you. This book will not be released until next year February but If you want the first 3 chapter sample doc, I will gladly send it to you. text 262-277-9541 to get your free sample.


“There’s nothing compared to being in relationship with God, this side of Heaven.” -Bishop Michael R. Wallace I

For it all to end, first, I must be satisfied. I won’t leave this earth without fulfilling my desire. I want to know…what is this thing you call Heaven?

In the darkness of this world, where can one find the light in a word called Heaven? As my eyes close, nearing their final breath, tell me, what was the meaning behind those words?

My entire life had been littered with darkness, yet I never listened. This is the end. In all my time here on this earth, I have only heard about it once. Just once. If only I had listened. If only I allowed my eyes to be opened up to what it was they were talking about. Miracles, signs, wonders…God; Jesus. Humanity, Life, Rebirth…Freedom. Wisdom, direction, growth. Unconditional love, sacrifice, opportunity…peace.

If only I walked through that door when it was opened; I’d know. It would all make sense if I would’ve grabbed hold of what was clinging to my desperate heart. I lost everything to gain nothing in the end. What good is it to gain the entire world and still lose the most precious thing any man possesses? Years; I allowed years to splinter into the past without regard to how I spent them. Instead, I wagered time, energy, and effort for everything to be left worthless in the end.

Relationship? The best thing? This side of Heaven? Is it too late for me? Forever is a long time.

I once heard someone say, “eternity is our goal, today is our treasure, yesterday is our reward; every day we are granted the opportunity to seek the ultimate jewel of our existence.” When I heard it I wanted to ask what that treasure may be, but the answer was simply expressed with a finger toward the Heavens.

The things we seek in life eventually fade away. Their value increases as our lives decrease and we lean deeper and deeper into their control. Whilst no man can stop the decaying of the flesh, every man is responsible for the livelihood of their spirit.

Few things in this world last forever, and the one thing I know for certain lasts is God’s love. If only I knew that a little sooner. As I lay there on my deathbed I saw a vision and this I must tell you before I go.

This is your chance to embrace what I couldn’t. This is your chance to learn what I learned a little too late. Well, accepted too late.

Is this my end? I wonder. Before my eyes close, I must allow the angel beside me to speak. He seems quite eager to tell us the story, yes, you and I the story of This Side of Heaven.

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