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What I see

When i hear the word vision i almost automatically think of the future, an idea, or deepened thought that unlocks something within us. I honestly think it depends on the person it greets. Some people consider visions a daydream that'll never come to pass. it's easy to overlook, a vision but some, the unforgettable ones are the ones that change lives.

have you ever had an idea at random? I know I have! there's a certain consistency to a vision that is linked to a brilliant idea or even a small thought. Something I'd say holds essential value, is understanding the depth of the vision at hand. If it speaks to you then it might be a vision. if it opens a new door in your mind for imagination, its a vision.

visions are a crucial point in our creative minds. it allows us to see.


It’s brief

A second is all it takes before it’s gone

You can live a lifetime in its grasp

It’s short gentle hold.

What One can see but not feel

Except in the essence of his/her soul.

An image painted by circumstance

Fueled by passion, pain, and desire.

Live, escape, or embrace


Sometimes it leaves only a message in its wake

And a thought in its passing.

A lingering wonder that often follows the lines of “what if”

I have a vision, one only I can see

One only I can understand.

Looking at where I stand and where I was

I could say, fantasy is almost like reality

Things can change drastically

Things can change miraculously

Unexpectedly of course.

you wouldn’t understand until you saw

The same goes for me

What you have, let it grow

Take action because you never know.

Possibility relies on the action you take on things others won’t know until they see.

Let your vision gleam

Let it be a safe green.

I mean God wouldn’t give it if he thought you couldn’t handle it.

Keep it in your heart and don’t forget.

Visualize with your eyes closed, what you want to see when you reach the zone.

Vision lies within not without hope.

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