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At the Edge

At the Edge

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Could you imagine life all alone, left to your own thoughts? What would it be like to sit idle for so long hoping someone would find you but never do? At least until you’re met with the one person you never thought you’d see again. What is the story behind a lost man’s dream? What does it mean to share the principles of Christ? 

Emmanuel Wallace writes At the Edge from a perspective of a man rooted in the past, seeking redemption. The man is offered a choice and an opportunity. Will he take them? Emmanuel wrote this book with these things in mind…


  • Questions (who, what, and why) 

  • What is the Gospel

  • What goes through the mind of someone who just wants to be free?

  • How should one present the Gospel?

  • Friends, and their significance in walking down new roads.

  • Elements that hinder hope. 

  • Change and the reason behind it.

  • Choices and their consequences

        And much much more…

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