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The idea of Freedom came to me on a foggy Sunday morning at church. I was at the new church me and my family had begun visiting shortly after our departure from our old, original home church.  I remember the day clearly. There were ten minutes left until service was to start and I had entered the building with an empty mind, completely void of worry and anxiety. I sat in the middle row of the middle section looking out of one of many windows with a distant stare. From there I began to think about why we as people are alive and why we have to deal with life as it is today. My  mind wandered swiftly to the word that had been ringing in my head all day, “Freedom.” 

I sat there pondering that word because I understand it is tossed around frequently with little to no explanation as to what it actually means. I began going deeper, thinking about what the meaning of life is. I often catch myself asking questions like “why do we exist?”, “What is the root of our existence?”, and “why is our world so messed up?” I had no answer.

These questions acted as catalysts to the one solution/answer which was that word, Freedom. I could’ve said choice was the solution but what is choice without the freedom to apply or act upon our given opportunity, then what do we have? I’d ponder this topic for years without any given direction as to where my focus should be directed when answering such a broad question. (what is the meaning of life?) It can differ for each and every last one of us. Some of us need a window to determine our own reason for existence...

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