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This Side of Heaven

This Side of Heaven

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Could you imagine laying on your deathbed waiting for death to claim you? Would you have one wish you wanted granted before you passed? What if it were to gain an understanding of the things you overlooked or denied your entire life? What if it were to be healed and made free of the confines of that solitary seat?  Could you imagine being met with the answer you were looking for all along?  

Emmanuel Wallace writes This Side of Heaven from the perspective of a man who let his desire pass him by. His hope was limited to what he could see. Emmanuel wrote this book with these things in mind…


  • Jesus 

  • What would the reader be thinking if they were in his position? 

  • If there’s significance, how can it be made understandable?

  • Letters are often sent out of love or pain. There has to be a catalyst. 

  • What makes Jesus worth the time?

  • Perspective: human vs human from the voice of an angel. 

  • Choices/decisions have to be made. If the opportunity presents itself, why miss it? Take action.  This book is a series of call and responses. 

  • What matters when it comes to reaching heaven

  • The significance of change 

  • Biblical citation and explanation/in depth scripture analysis. 

  • The struggles of the young mind

  • The weight of eternal loss

  • The fear of missing out 

  • The desire to make amends 

  • Time and the significance of using it wisely

  • The significance of the light of the world

  • Salvation and the power behind it.

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