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Who are we at Dream Publications?


Dream Publications is an Apostolic book publishing company where we’re striving to tell a story through our services. Our main goal is to help others chase the one dream we’re all chasing; to be free. We all have a story and when there’s nowhere else to tell it, why not put it on the page? Our goal for our clients is to provide them with quality products and services that bring their stories to life. Whether it’s inspirational, motivational, spiritual, or navigational writing we are apt to serve. 


We pride ourselves on our communication and are continually improving and looking at new avenues to connect with our writers and readers. We want to see the faith spread throughout the world. We are aware of how small the apostolic community is and we are also aware of how easily we’re overlooked. We want to change that. We want to send a wave of change to the public. Our main source for this action is your story. As we aid you in putting your story/message into words, you are also helping us write our story, you are helping us spread the message of change and salvation to the world. 


As we expand we are looking to broaden our approach and seek serviceable endeavors. We are aspiring to create “Dreamer exclusives” many of which will be workshops for the youth, teaching them how to hone and pursue their God-given dreams. We also want to build facilities to help support the less fortunate (but before that, we’re looking to work with the Dream Chaser nation to create and build a team of devoted servants who will go out and serve the community.)   


We want to become a serviceable publishing company that helps make other people’s dreams come true. Since our motto is “One dream: be free”  it only makes sense that we hope to see it happen. We will be a light in this generation, inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting the next wave of dreamers. 


Our focus is on Apostolic writers with a message to share with the world. We want to help expand their current horizons by doing the things which they may not feel capable or willing to spend the time doing. We try to keep our prices reasonable considering where the workload lands.

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