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Reading with Coffee


Don’t Take Our Word For It...take theirs

"Definitely a must-read!!! I just received my copy in the mail ... And only begin to read the first few pages ... Must say it has drawn me in ... Love it !!! Super excited to finish the rest Hats off to this young Author... If you haven’t gotten your copy yet don’t miss out!"
Confessions Poetry Collection Volume 1

Sandy Hudspeth

I have been meaning to share this little gem with the rest of the world. Beautifully written by an incredibly talented West Bend student. I picked one up for Lily’s St Nick stocking, and one for myself. Emmanuel, I cannot wait to read what you publish next!

Confessions Poetry Collection Volume 1

Teresa Mottet

I wish I had more confidence earlier to present this to the life changed the minute I sought something bigger than me. for a long time I put this off but no I must bring it to light. I know this isn't praise but reality. I held back and this site came out late but I hope love is found in each and every book of poetry, fiction, religious, and nonfiction books. Even in posters. I want to change the world. One word at a time.

Emmanuel Wallace

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