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Confessions Volume 1

Confessions Volume 1

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Thoughts. You can't shake them.  You can meditate, breathe, and forcibly forget but in the end they all return the same. We're all thinking something. We're all curious. This is not a realm of lustful intentions but even so it whets your palate with a savory desire for mroe. What you seek lies behind the cover of this... an unexpected source. A book. Read well and read again because if you sleep, something just might catch you slipping.

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    𓁜Society Speaks𓁜

    Poem #1

                                                         To be verified 

    To be verified 

    Just let me clarify 

    That i have to lose to gain

    Endure the world’s greatest pain


    Just to be accepted

    Left in the shadows with the rest

    I always claimed i was blessed 

    Instead my life has turned into one huge mess.


    I’ve been seen as lame 

    Since the beginning I’ve been the same

    I guess my breakthrough never came

    To be verified

    Let me clarify

    That I need 100k 

    Just to feel sane 

    Everyone says the greatest feeling in the world

    Is fame

    Then why do I feel so drained 

    What have I really gained 

    Who can I blame 


    I allowed myself to drown in this emotional


    Lost in a void I can’t escape

    To breathe

    To be verified

    Let me clarify 

    I have to change to 


    A lot of people say n***as ain’t 

    You already know 

    But where does that leave me 

    I just want to be 


    To be verified

    Let me clarify  

    I must lie just so my feed isn’t


    Lost looking through someone else’s 


    To be verified

    Let me clarify 

    First I must be tossed aside 

    In my pain I’m forced to reside 


    To be verified


    Disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with being verified… it's in that moment state of why or what you strive to be verified for. First verify yourself then let the world decide...they can’t hurt you if you place a shield of confidence before you. We’re all special, let's make our impact known whether we are verified for our stupidity, kindness, motivationalism, interest,wisdom, etc. whatever it be let it shine, accept the opportunities because they often only come once. Take it the first time and don’t let it pass you by twice. 





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