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Confessions Volume 3

Confessions Volume 3

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The fresh evolved version of the Confessions files. Confessions poetry collection volume 3 isn't just a bigger addition to the group but it couples Free verse poetry and the Acrostic style together to form a new matrix of perspective-based imagination.  have a peek...

  • Preview for you!

    Welcome to paradise

    What would it be like to

    Embrace total clarity within 

    Life’s hand that 

    Crams itself with trial after trial 

    Obsessively? Listen to this


    Entire nations would be 

    Toppled by power and

    One person could tear down the most 

    Prolific symphonies

    Arbitrary frequencies but in paradise these 


    As one settles into peace becoming

    Distant mirages only suffered


    So listen to me when I say that paradise 

    Encases liberty.

  • Where else can I find it?

    Copies are also available on Amazon and in the Lulu book store

    Enoy!!! Happy reading!

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