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Introduction to Season 2

As we transition into season 2 I want to thank all who engaged and supported us through season 1 "It Relies on You" which was inspired by our most recent release called Freedom. Freedom is a compilation of stories written from the perspective of 5 different individuals, each in the early years of adulthood and even younger in their walk with Christ. Freedom shifts from past to present, slipping sequentially to the result of faith. It's a choice. in all of our old and new books, we will always stress that it's a choice. Your choices rely on you. It was an honor to share my thoughts with you and we look forward to kicking off Season 2 "The Dream" with a bang.

This season we'll be covering the importance of the dream, the significance of purpose within the dream, and the commitment necessary to push forward even amid hardship. some other topics we may hit on are faith, perseverance, resilience, and the fruit of growth. We're looking forward to speaking to and with you in the future...until next week✌🏾

Season 2 "The Dream"

Emmanuel Wallace

Inspired by "Freedom"

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