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A year's past

Although this is late...the find your vision blog is not only an encouragement outlet but a place for us to be transparent with you. we are a christian led company so it won't be uncommon for God to be mentioned. I'd like to tell you about the past year, hopefully you too can gain a little encouragement and adopt the language used in this small reflection.

One year in

oh, how the days have passed. one year has officially gone by swiftly into the night of true love. my heart, and soul have been tethered to the most freeing link ever known to man…a connection to God. I almost have no words for how I feel today…tired, exhausted, grateful, loved, excited, etc. there are all kinds of words I can use but none seem to fully explain or express the depth and importance of today to me. my journey started off with a battle and its continued ever since. we haven’t lost. there truly is an enemy and there truly is a savior.

I’ve learned a lot about myself these past 12 months. somethings I’ve done and accomplished are beyond anything I thought I’d be doing. it’s scary but its humbling at the same time. I haven’t reached my ultimate goal but that’ll come with time. I’ll wait.

I want to reflect on some key points of the past year

hard work pays off

you aren’t invisible

you matter

there’s a promise over your life

you’re special

you have the ability to change the lives around you

your words will be distributed to the world

just watch

you’re a leader

you’re a beacon

letting go lets you go

its not a loss until you turn away

believe in yourself


Remember 19

I will be great.

one step at a time, day by day, inch by inch…my 100% is yours lord

Freedom (the year of freedom)

we’re here now…let’s see what’s in God’s hands but I get the strong feeling that this is a special year for me specifically. this is the year of awakening.

Lord, thank you for saving me and granting my desire. I don’t deserve it but you chose me. thank you. please continue to perform through me…in jesus name Amen.

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