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At the Start of it All

In the beginning, nothing else matters. in the beginning there is nothing that stands in the way hope. Visions are often formed when there is a larger dream in mind. Visions are often birthed when time is offered up for cultivation. In the beginning it starts as a mere imagination.

Have you ever had a thought that you just couldn't shake? have you ever felt the tugging within your belly that tells you that something bigger is afoot. this is the start. this is the beginning. this is the stage where the seed is planted. when a seed is planted it must be watered. time, patience, and determination are going to be crucial nutrients for that seed.

what's something that captivates you? what makes you want to make a difference in the world? what seems worth your time?

at the start of it all, you won't know everything. at the start of it all you have a choice to make. at the start of it all not everyone will believe in you and that's okay. when you first start chasing your vision, your desire, your goal, it might feel lonely. that's okay. keep your head up. you never know who's watching.

at the start of it all believe you can do it.

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