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If there ever was a time-inspiration

If there ever was a time…it is now. Whatever it is that is holding you back must be shifted. That wall. That fear, that doubt. It must be moved. If there was ever a time to be grateful now is that time. So much is done that we cannot see. God has been working in our lives each and everyday. He hasn’t forgotten about us. We cannot forget about him.

If there ever was a time to give it your all that time is now. What good is it to hold back. You might be asking “how do I do that” you keep pushing. You keep fighting. Don’t stop. Every challenge, pain, test and trial is to get you to that point. if there ever was a time to be humble now is that time. How easy is it to talk and have no roots to back those words. I fear the loose nature of some peoples faith. Clench God, you have to want him. You have to need him.

I have a message…the time is drawing nigh, and our lives on this earth are coming to an end. Moments, days, minutes and hours are all uncertain. Nothing is guaranteed to us but the opportunity. We have the opportunity to live, with God. But now is not the time to just talk about it. Action, intentional action must be taken. We can’t sit back and watch. Not now. We have to move with purpose because there is a call over all our lives telling us to prepare for that time. God is coming back. We need to internalize him. His gospel. We need him.

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