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Welcome to the Dream Chaser Nation's "Find Your Vision"

This is the first blog post of the new wave. My name is Emmanuel D. Wallace, the founder of the Dream Chaser Nation and for starters I wish to say thank you for taking the time to tune in to our new blog. In this blog the goal is to inspire, uplift, and open your eyes to what it's like to chase something you can only see in your head at first. Everyone may not understand it or see it the same way as you do, so take it from me when I say that we feel you! This ride is not going to be easy; this conversation isn't going to be's going to make you think. We're in this together, to open each other's eyes and develop a new sight on our dreams and aspirations. Feel free to ask questions, add input, and request topics. This is about US; one voice is good but having multiple makes all the difference. we've got some work ahead of us ladies and gentlemen. Let's get it!

it's time to "Find Your Vision"

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