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After starting, then comes the difficult part...the process. Every step must and I mean must be taken intentionally and with the utmost care. you can't half-step. Many people give up too soon because they aren't seeing progress in dollars or clientele. Know this, physical evidence is not always the best indicator of progress; take experience and quality into consideration, are these advancing?

Some people might say "I can't gain experience without customers!" or "How can I tell if the quality is improving if no one buys my stuff?" though they are very fair arguments they can also be factored as excuses. a part of the process is honing your craft even if no one is around to tell you how to do it. It's to continually find flaws and build solutions. It's to look beyond right now and peek into tomorrow. MOST DREAMS ARE FUELED BY POTENTIAL. This means that constant work has to be poured into it every day. when something is based on potential it has to be taken seriously at 100% in order for it to truly blossom to the fullest.

Results will follow the work. People will begin to see you, hear you, and desire to work with you as they see your intention grow. Don't be all about your business. your dream relies on your commitment. You have to outlast the wait. There will be seasons of nothing. There will be trials of doubt. There will be times when you wish you could quit. There will be times when you feel as if your investment was in vain. Processing requires patience. loading requires waiting. You have to keep going regardless. Next week I will tell you guys the story of Dream Publications. (sorry about the short post today, we'll be back with more to say in the future.)

Season 2 "The Dream"

Emmanuel Wallace

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